Queer Dance Project Schedule

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As that is studio is rather new and has a maximum number of 8 or 9 dancers at any given time, interviews are required. So if you want to take class in queer/trans positive setting from an experienced teacher, call for an interview 720-515-5058.
There are NO DROP IN CLASSES unless requested 2 hours prior to class time!

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Ongoing in-person ballet classes: 15.00 per class

Virtual classes: $10.00 per class

Workshops: $20.00 per workshop

Individuals must register prior to attending any classes.

Class schedule for in-person and virtual classes.



4-415 Facebook Live, new in Nov 2021

4:30-5 Virtual Core and Stretch

5:45-7 So You Want To Take A Ballet Class (Virtual & In-Person)


Healing Roots Acupuncture office hours


Healing Roots Acupuncture office hours

4-4:15 Instagram Live, new in Nov 2021

4:30-5 PM Virtual Core & Stretch

5:45-7 So You’ve Take Ballet Before (Virtual & In-Person)


Healing Roots Acupuncture office hours & private lessons


Healing Roots Acupuncture office hours


10-11:30 AM So You’ve Take Some Ballet Before (In-Person)

Welcome to QDP

“Queer or Trans” and “Classical Ballet Training” are usually not used in the same sentence.

Often the queer and trans community are left out of such space or made to feel uncomfortable at best. The typical cis-genders dance school can become a difficult setting for the queer and trans community.

 It is time for a change!

Teaching Version: This is an idea I have been working with to help the virtual dancer with the view of a teacher or instructor, enjoy…

Queer Beginning Teaching Version Warm-up

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