Queer QI Cultivation


What is Queer Qi?  

Cristina Michaels L.Ac.

Queer Qi is a term I have coined. To embrace and welcome the queer and gender expansive human aspect into a meditative practice. Which as has been notoriously been left out.  This diverse and inclusive title is meant to indicate and offer a space for the LGBTQIA communities.  To have a place that is safe and offers a gender affirming approach to the practice of Qi cultivation.  Each breathing soul has a beautiful energetic field. This field is part of how we move through life and society.  As a queer trans woman I know the struggle first hand how that energetic field can become compromised.  The practices offered at Queer Dance Project is just that, a way to practice to strengthen and cultivate our own Queer Qi field.  

Qi is energy, we can imagine it as a white light or whatever image you recognize it as.  This Donut or Bagel or Torus of energetic field that engulfs us and protects us can also be cultivated and utilized as part of our self care practice.  

Each week under the Queer Qi videos l will offer free breathing techniques and other movement practices primary for the LGBTQIA communities.   In martial arts circles some of these movements would be placed under the martial practice meditation of Qigong and even Taiji categories.  With this gender affirming queer approach we will welcome gender expansive participants.  I am here to break from the conformed gender norm and the expected sexual expression in society to offer Queer Qi cultivation.   These techniques are formed around positive visualization and a taught knowledge of energetic flows throughout our body. 

Queer Dance Project