Queer Dance Project

A Progressive Dance Studio for a Diverse & Inclusive Culture

You Do Not Have To Be Out To Come In.

Polynesian Classes

Begin September 12 and run every other Sunday from 6-730 PM. Early Registration Required.

Oct. 24th, Nov 7th, 21st

New and Ongoing Classes

Ongoing Classes

All Classes will Resume Oct 30th.


So You Want To Take A Ballet Class: 5:30 PM


Virtual Ballet Barre Fundamental: 4 PM MST

( 3 PM West Coast, 5 PM Midwest, 6 PM EST)

So You’ve Taken A Ballet Class Before: 5:30 PM


So You’ve Taken A Bunch of Ballet Classs Before: 10 AM

Monday Movement of the Sage’s

4 PM (begins Oct 12)

Coming this Fall

Movement of the Sages 50+ class.

Stretching & Breathing class.

Barre classes.

More Queer Workshops.

Private individual and group lessons are available.

Previous Workshops

Angie Simmons Contemporary/Modern Dance workshop.

Vivian Kim Hip-hop workshop.

Constance Harris Afrofusion workshop.

Offsetting Fear with Joy

October Workshops

Contemporary/Modern Poetry Workshop with Elle Hong.

Interview with Elle Hong

Saturday October 23rd and 30th from 12-2 PM.

Costumes encouraged for the second day of this workshop. Writing pads provided.

Contemporary Dance and Poetry Workshop:

How do we move through the world versus how are we expected to move through the world? Approaching dance, especially as a queer/trans person can seem utterly vulnerable and daunting, but there is a reclamatory power to how we might find new ways of being in our bodies—ways that are self-defined and feel good. Queer, trans, person-of-color dancer, Elle Hong (they/she), invites you to enter into the realm of contemporary dance. Utilizing poetic imagery, play, pedestrian movement, and social dance, Elle will create a safer space for participants to find their own ways of moving through the world regardless of gender identity/expression. Over the course of this class, Elle hopes to help participants uncover: What moves you?


Queer Dance Project Studio

8585 West 14th Avenue, Suite D

Lakewood, CO 80215

Sprung Floor Studio

“Allowing the mind, body and soul to breathe and learn the art of movement in a safe, gender affirming space.”

Professional ballet has embraced some aspects of the LGBTQIA community and left others out. Queer Dance Project is stepping up to provide classical ballet and dance training for the LGBTQIA community.  Allowing the mind, body and soul to breathe and learn the art of movement in a safe, gender affirming space.  QDP recognizes the reality that faces the trans and queer community in dance studios.  We know there is a healthier way to learn dance in a compassionate, gender affirming environment. 

Queer makes the world livable.

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