Guardian Transcestor Fund & Consulting

The Guardian Transcestor Fund has been created to help those students who may not be able to pay for classes. This fund can help with some transportation to class costs along with class cost and or discounts. Along with and dance supplies.

To apply for support or to see how the Transcestor Fund may be able to help you. Send an email to Cristina at [email protected] subject line “Transcestor Fund” or call 720-443-2966 for further questions.

To donate to the Transcestor Fund, contact Cristina at the above contact information with subject line “Transcestor Fund Donate”


How do you know if your dance studio is gender inclusive?

Do you wish to create a more inclusive dance studio?

Do you have gender neutral bathrooms in your dance studio?

Do your registration form include pronouns?

These are just a few question that should be addressed when seeking out diversity and inclusion in your dance studio or dance department.

If you would like a consult please reach out to Cristina at [email protected] with the subject heading “Consulting”

If you interested in contacting Cristina for panels, guest teaching or other workshops please feel free to reach out directly to her. Put your inclusive concerns at ease and contact Queer Dance Project.

Queer Dance Project